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Junk Drawer

So, what is the “Junk Drawer”? Good question. In my everyday life, no matter where I’m living or working, there’s always a drawer or desk space or shelf or shoe box where I throw flyers, books, notes, scribbles, and thoughts. It’s a catchall, and often times it gets quite cluttered.

This blog is dedicated to being a virtual representation of my junk drawers, holding musings and notes from my life. Primarily, I will try to write about programming, but I will frequently digress into other topics, such as math, reading/writing, music, or D&D.

To see my virtual Junk Drawer on GitHub, visit benknoble/JunkDrawer.


I’m David B. Knoble, an Honors Computer Science student at UNC Chapel Hill.

I rely on a healthy mix of self-taught experimentation and formal class training for anything I do, including programming. My first experiences were been in C# and Java, but recently I have discovered Scala, Vim, Bash, and Python. As time continues, I gain exposure to other technologies, most recently including Go.

For some of the projects I’m working on, check out benknoble@GitHub, or try my showcase. I’m also on StackOverflow and a few other StackExchange sites (vim anyone?).

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Feel free to contact me with questions, corrections of misspelt words, or as a matter of passing interest!

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