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Advice for College Students

D. Ben Knoble on 18 Sep 2016 in Blog

Migrated and edited from the Temple of Time site, where it was originally posted by me as I experimented with GitHub pages.

Remember, actually doing your homework pays off in the long run. No matter how tempting your Ocarina of Time 3D game cart is, you’ll regret it if you procrastinate.

For example, I’ve spent all day building this blog instead of editing an assignment for English. That means that, at some point, I have to put my masterbranch sword away, stop squishing Ganon’s evil css bugs, and do the boring stuff, like have a real life.

Need convincing still? Remember that most fantasy games/adventures/books (yes, even D&D) do a poor job of portraying what actual life is like: nobody in those games reminds you that you have to eat, or sleep, or do bureaucratic paperwork to be allowed to pull an ox-and-cart, er, car. Most of the time, we let those things slide to the wayside so we can focus on the action and intrigue of the game. Of course, all of this comes with the caveat that if you and your table/console/author like simulationist games, then you’re probably laughing at all of us who’d rather actually enjoy ourselves. I love pen-and-paper rpgs, and nothing is as exciting as managing business and guilds that have real effect on the world. But slaying a dragon still feels better.

This English homework that I have to do? It’s today’s dragon. It’ll feel better when I get it done, even though I’d far rather learn some more stuff about GitHub Pages and Jekyll and CSS. But if I slay the dragon and loot its hoard, I might get some new tools to help me with my adventuring life. Onwards, friends! My wizard needs a few daring fighters to occupy the dragon so I can cloudkill him! Off to the taverns!


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