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Chrismtas Cutout Cookies

D. Ben Knoble on 23 Dec 2016 in Blog

Every Chrismtas, my younger brother and I bake cutout cookies with our grandma. These are their stories.

Finished Project


The Process

Now that you’re drooling at the site of the cookies, I’ll include this brief and boring discussion on the process. Feel free to skip it and go eat cookies.

Basically, we mix the dough, roll it out, cut it with cutters, bake the cookies, mix the icing, put the sprinkles on with egg whites, do the icing (and coconut, in the case of Santa Claus), and then eat them.

Not too bad, right? Except that it takes all day.

Actually, this is one of the most memorable times of the year, resulting in Christmas songs stuck in my head and a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach, I mean, heart, as we come together to share something delicious–the product of our own hands.

More Information

Cutters and recipes can be found at King Arthur Flour or Gramma’s Cutters LC.


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