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Second Day

D. Ben Knoble on 19 Jun 2018 in Blog

My second day at work–progress was made.

Today I Learned

  1. “Agile” is a set of principles and values, not methodologies
  2. DHCP configuration can specify IP addresses and MAC addresses
  3. Communication is essential
  4. I can still write shell scripts

Nuage’s infra team uses the Agile methodology as a guiding practice for making decisions and developing software (read: meeting our clients’ needs–this often includes hardware builds). I did some further digging, thinking Agile was things like project boards and standups. Turns out, it’s a set of principles and values that should guide decisions towards certain goals. A little like the scout oath and law.

While configuring the IXIA again today, we had to get it up and running on the network, which meant finding and assigning it a suitable IP as well as editing the DHCP configuration, which lives in a git repo. We fork/clone/branch/PR for the DHCP, and reboot the IXIA, and voilà ! (Actually, we had to do this twice. The IXIA’s MAC address changed on the second reboot.)

I’m unfortunately still waiting on some of the corporate login things, so I can’t access email or get infra LDAP credentials to use with Slack, ssh, or any of our other tools/communication protocols. It’s quickly becoming a problem.

I wrote a script to make tils easier!


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