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Day Four, My Two Cents

D. Ben Knoble on 21 Jun 2018 in Blog

Penny for your thoughts?

Today I Learned

  1. How to use Cent OS
  2. How to configure a proxy
  3. Who my boss-boss is, and how I fit into Nuage Networks

So I got a temporary laptop while my work one is getting re-imaged (update: this failed, so tomorrow I get to troubleshoot a boot failure with IT. Yay.). The loaner is running Cent OS 7, and I have a love-hate relationship so far. I love linux, but the keyboard is getting in my way. None of my shortcuts work, and I keep hitting <CapsLock> instead of <Control> because I haven’t figured out how to do that remapping yet. Plus, there’s the proxy (read on). Overall, a positive experience though, because it meant I finally have all my accounts (except possibly an ssh account on the internal servers for doing that work…).

Also, the trackpad scroll sucks.

Apparently, /etc/environment needs to know about the work proxy through http_proxy and the https and uppercase variants, as well as no_proxy. Then, it probably should go in /etc/bashrc or another file that is sourced by every shell to be exported. Finally, I still had to configure Firefox and the network individually (and Slack still wouldn’t get through it!).

We had a big luncheon with the boss-boss today (free food!). He gave everybody a big spiel about how we need to step up, about running tests and not shipping broken or poor-quality products. I sensed there was some history there. But he also said we have some good problems (too much business), and the problems are all fixable. In other words, we all need to do better of speaking up and stepping up to work on things outside of our own areas.

I learned from this that my role in Infra is to make sure everybody else can do their jobs effectively–they have better things to do than to wait on builds to finish.

If you haven’t figured out the title yet, the first Cent is the OS, and the second is me stepping up and speaking up about things at the office.


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