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D. Ben Knoble on 17 Jul 2018 in Blog

Tuesday is meeting day. And after our meetings, I met up with my younger brother who has NC State orientation.

Today I Learned

  1. Where Nuage is and where they are headed
  2. Tasty 8s, the worlds best gourmet hot dog shop, has closed

Nuage Networks

A few weeks ago, we had a site-wide meeting at Raleigh, and I wrote about my experience–I discovered how I fit into the company.

Today, we had a site-wide meeting, and I discovered how the company fits into the world.

There were acronyms flying, people laughing, and a serious show of ‘what progress have we made, where do we go from here.’ It was, in a word, invigorating. We were challenged to challenge each other, to prioritize the quality of our work, to be more than just siloed teams but functional units working cohesively together.

And we were praised, because the Raleigh office has done some amazing things in its short lifespan and with a fraction of the numbers.

Tasty 8s

There really are no words.

I discovered Tasty 8s when I interned with Raleigh Youth Mission last summer. My boss, Reverend Katherine Blankenship, met with us there one afternoon as we were orienting ourselves to the program and our responsibilities. They advertised ‘gourmet hot dogs.’ And boy were they right.

Unfortunately, they closed in April. I was so looking forward to eating there again; I had taken my Dad there when he visited last summer, I loved it so much. He, too, was disappointed (there was a rather hearty ‘dadgummit’ on the other end of the line when I called).

My brother will never taste of their yummy goodness. But I have, and I will miss you Tasty 8s.


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