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2021 Resolutions

D. Ben Knoble on 12 Jan 2021 in Blog

I haven’t done (or kept) New Year’s Resolutions in a long time. This article from the Angry GM inspired me to do them differently.

What am I doing?

Angry, in typically sardonic fashion, writes

In short, I completely understand that there is zero value in setting aside a specific date to take stock of your life. There’s no point in examining the good and the bad over the past year. Nothing to be gained from identifying the stuff in your life worth a little gratitude and definitely no reason to acknowledge there are things you’re not happy about. No good comes from asking yourself what you could personally do differently to change the things you’re not happy about. And, in the end, you’re just going to fail, so why even bother setting specific, actionable goals.

And it’s this last bit that really gets me: how often have I discussed goal-setting frameworks (SMART, from Boy Scouts of America; a myriad of Health/fitness classes; the list goes on)? And how many of them emphasize the specific-ness and the actionable-ness of goals? (Hint: all of them.)

Worse, how often have I set goals and not relied on the frameworks I have in front of me?

To that end, I am setting resolutions a bit differently this year. And, in the vein of Angry, I am making them public. As Angry says:

I’m just using myself as an example. […] Look around, figure out what’s wrong, figure out what’s within your power to change—there is always something you can change, even if it’s you—and then resolve to change it. And then, you know, actually make the f$&%ing change. Or die trying.

Here we go. What you’re seeing is the raw 2021 resolutions document (powered by my wiki system). I’ll update it from time to time, but it’s a bit manual at the moment (well, manual in-as-much as I open this post’s source, navigate to this line:

/\V{% comment %} Do not edit below this line {% endcomment %}/+2,$ delete | read ~/.wiki/projects/resolutions/2021.md

and run :exec getline('.') in vim).

Finish a 50 mile ride before I graduate

Completion date: May 1, 2020


Play or run a game of D&D (or other RPG) at least once a month


Take a project bullet and spike it, plan/design it, or scrap/complete it at least every week


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