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Poem—Reactions to Psalm 139

Written 14 Sep 2019 by D. Ben Knoble

  a million stars.
Knit together,
  on earth a single sun—
  on earth a single son.

Broken body,
Broken heart,
Broken soul—

Heal me;
Mend me;
Draw me into you.

Tear down my walls.
Redeem my fear and my failures.
Throw back my cloak of truth and lies—
Unmask my scarred face.

Clip the strings of my control.

Swim through me.
Dance with me.
Sing, cry, shout with me.

Clench your fist—
  make your palms bleed
       your knuckles raw.

Unwind, loosen, detach—
  breathe with me;
  feel your lungs expand, contract;
  rest your eyes.
Push out—dispel evil.
Pull in—consecrate me.

Be still and know me.
Be still and let me
             see you
             hear you
             know you.

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