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1 About Frosthaven Manager🔗

Programmed by D. Ben Knoble. © D. Ben Knoble 2022.
All parts of Frosthaven Manager are licensed under the MIT License.
Frosthaven and all related properties, images and text are owned by Cephalofair Games.

1.1 Thanks🔗

Thank you to Derrick Franklin, John Hines, Jake Hicks, and Savannah Knoble for initial play-testing. Try not to let John have all the loot.
Thank you to Isaac Childres, Cephalofair Games, and the entire Frosthaven design and development team for giving us this wonderful game to play.

1.2 Get Involved🔗

Development happens on GitHub under benknoble/frosthaven-manager. Get involved by: